Felt Tub


Felt Tub

  • Felt Tub, your own little private space in the middle of the room

    The Tub invites you to nestle into a warm corner, sit into the cushion and enjoy your time working, reading, or phoning. The felt of the Tub is created from 100% recycled PET, and is available with two frame types.

    Circular, solid and graceful

    To create a sturdy appearance and also a circular solution, the 2 symmetrical PET-felt halves can be separated at any time. To avoid adhesives the Tub is connected together with screws.

    To create the right sitting position and give a solid base the frame has 38mm thick tubes.

    You can choose 2 types of frames: a tubular frame with wooden legs and a bold wood-steel combination.

    Private cocoon

    With the Tub you have your own silent space and your surroundings will melt away because of the acoustic effect of the cocoon.

    With the small power unit and USB port you can recharge your tablet, phone, or laptop. And when it gets a little bit dark inside the Tub you can always choose a LED Light within the shell.