Se:Motion Net


Se:Motion Net

  • se:motion net stands out with its unique, kinematic movement concept and the well-proven seating comfort which is achieved without any adjustment effort. The shape, with the custom-made knitted membrane, and the design, with the height-adjustable armrests are particularly suitable for agile workplace concepts, whether for start-ups, co-working areas or home offices. It is the simple idea of flexibility that makes the se:motion net special – just sit down and get started.

    Standard product details:

    • Innovative kinematic motion concept without mechanical linkage 
    • Just two easily reachable control elements (height & lock)
    • Fixed armrests
    • Backrest inclination 23°
    • Automatic forward tilt 5°
    • Black or light grey frame and base


    • Retrofittable lumbar support 
    • Height adjustable armrests