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About Us

Bluesky Office is based in the Channel Islands specialising in design, supply and the installation of office furniture. We create modern ergonomic environments to fulfil the clients needs.

We have long standing relationships with all commercial architect’s and their design departments to ensure specifications are met. We pride ourselves on finding a solution and meeting client deadlines.

Our office and showroom collectively have over 90 years’ experience with interiors and sales and we work only with the market leaders. Our relationships with our manufacturers span as far as 25 years ensuring our customer relationships are managed and expectations are fulfilled.

Our services are inclusive of a design and sales consolation and detailed quotations with space planning and 3D visuals.

Meet the Team



Director & Trouble Maker

Bryan started out in office sales in 1983 with a company called Filleuls selling office furniture and machinery Bryan worked up to sales director and left in 1993 and formed his first company called Office Maker which was in partnership with the Coop Society. 10 years later Bryan sold the business. In 2006 he set up Bluesky Office.

Bryan is a fantastic project manager, his never-ending drive and passion for customer satisfaction is second to none to find the latest solutions and products.


Bryan's favourite quote: Honesty is the best policy

Star Formation


A bright star...



Resident Unicorn

Julie was accepted into the rainbow academy in 2031 as the queen of sparkle, love and light and in her spare time she deals with accounts and administration.

Currently away with the fairies she excels in putting a smile on the face of all who meet her. 

Julie joined Bluesky Office in 2032 because she liked the name.


'You can't make everyone happy. You're not an avocado.' - Unknown



Angel of the North

Healthy as a green leaf salad, Mark wheelied his way into Jersey having missed a turning on the Tour de France in 2005. Quoted as saying, ‘Goodbye Newcastle, hello sunny Jersey’, he settled in to regale our Island with his expert knowledge in sales and project management.


Historically Mark began his career selling packets of seeds… yes seeds… climbing the ladder into general horticulture, aquatic wonders and of late, office furniture.


In 2021 with 14 years of industry experience behind him Bluesky Office welcomed Mark into its dynamic team with open arms and bribes of chocolate and coffee.


A fall back to his roots, Mark has a keen eye for a statement piece, including bringing the outdoors in; planting trees in atriums and generally adding a touch of green to every office layout, literally making our world a greener place. 

'Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.' - Albert Einstein




Lucie Marie’s background is lost in the pages of a thousand tattered books. She has a certificate for a graduate degree in Art & Design which she may or may not have found in a charity shop. 

She stumbled her way into the furniture sales industry in 2015, applying her creative background to promotional marketing material and office smiles. 

Lucie Marie joined Bluesky Office in 2019 - taking an extreme approach to the sit-stand desk revolution she hasn’t sat down yet.

'Life is too important to be taken seriously' - Oscar Wilde

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